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Digital Hybrid Wireless
US Patent 7.225.135
Rio Rancho, NM, USA
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Handheld Transmitter
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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - Handheld Transmitter

Digital Hybrid Wireless® TechnologyUS Patent 7.225.135Rio Rancho, NM, USAwww.lectrosonics.comFill in for your records: Serial Number: Purchase Date:

Page 2 - Table of Contents

HHLECTROSONICS, INC.10Side Button FunctionsNOTE: The Power and Cough functions were added starting with serial number 1001.A special button (the Side

Page 3 - General Technical Description

Hand Held TransmitterRio Rancho, NM11IMPORTANT: Be sure to set the attenuator control back to its original setting (“F”) for normal operation. or a s


HHLECTROSONICS, INC.12Parts and Accessories#55008 - Blue Battery Caddy or #55009 - Clear Battery Caddy#CCHH - Zippered PouchPadded zipper pouch for h

Page 5 - Mechanical Design

Hand Held TransmitterRio Rancho, NM13TroubleshootingSYMPTOM POSSIBLE CAUSEHH WILL NOT POWER ON 1) Batteries are inserted backwards. 2) Batteries

Page 6 - Powering On

HHLECTROSONICS, INC.14SpecificationsThe FCC requires that the following statements be included in this manual:For body worn operation, this HM Transmit

Page 7 - Standby Mode

Hand Held TransmitterRio Rancho, NM15Service and RepairIf your system malfunctions, you should attempt to correct or isolate the trouble before conclu

Page 8

1628 December 2012581 Laser Road NE • Rio Rancho, NM 87124 USA • www.lectrosonics.com(505) 892-4501 • (800) 821-1121 • fax (505) 892-6243

Page 9 - Input Gain Adjustment

HHLECTROSONICS, INC.2Consumer Alert for US Users - FCC Order DA 10-92Most users do not need a license to operate this wireless microphone system. Neve

Page 10 - Side Button Functions

Hand Held TransmitterRio Rancho, NM3General Technical DescriptionIntroductionThe HH handheld transmitter uses state-of-the-art Digital Hybrid Wireless

Page 11 - Mic Capsule Adjustments

HHLECTROSONICS, INC.4Pilot Tone SquelchThe benefit of the pilot tone squelch system is that the associated receiver will remain muted until it receives

Page 12 - Parts and Accessories

Hand Held TransmitterRio Rancho, NM5A mic capsule is threaded onto the body of the transmitter in the direction shown.Do not overtighten it.The lower

Page 13 - Troubleshooting

HHLECTROSONICS, INC.6To insert batteries, close the eject lever and insert the upper con-tacts first (closest to the mic capsule). Polarity is marked o

Page 14 - Specifications

Hand Held TransmitterRio Rancho, NM7Battery ConditionAn icon on the Main Window indicates the remaining power of the transmitter batteries. This batte

Page 15 - Service and Repair

HHLECTROSONICS, INC.8GainThis setting is very important since it will determine the audio signal to noise ratio and dynamic range that the wireless sy


Hand Held TransmitterRio Rancho, NM9Input Gain AdjustmentThe two bicolor Modulation LEDs (located at the bot-tom of the control panel) provide a visua

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