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Summary of Contents


Rio Rancho, NM, USAwww.lectrosonics.comFill in for your records: Serial Number: Purchase Date:SPNTWBTrio Conference InterfaceWideband BridgingINSTAL


SPNTWBLECTROSONICS, INC.10380 Ohms Pro gr amma b le Output Pi n 380 Ohms Programmable Output Pin1N4001 or equi v . Exte r na l DC V oltag eSource (&l

Page 3 - Inspection of the Unit

Installation and Startup GuideRio Rancho, NM11Software InstallationNOTE: Uninstall any previous version before installing the software.ASPEN Control

Page 4 - Introduction

SPNTWBLECTROSONICS, INC.12Software and Firmware UpdatesOn ASPEN models with a front panel LCD, the firmware version is displayed on the Main menu scree

Page 5 - Table of Contents

Installation and Startup GuideRio Rancho, NM135) Click on Next in the control panel and another page will open, allowing you to select the device to b

Page 6 - Front Panel

SPNTWBLECTROSONICS, INC.14Minimum SetupA required minimum setup is needed to allow the processor to pass signals and provide acoustic echo cancellatio

Page 7 - Rear Panel

Installation and Startup GuideRio Rancho, NM15Output SourcesClick on the Output Source tab. These assignments pass the matrix mixes to the outputs.Pul

Page 8 - Hardware Installation

SPNTWBLECTROSONICS, INC.16The Signal Flow ScreenSelect the Signal Flow tab. This comprehensive, intui-tive interface allows settings to be made throug

Page 9 - Power Amp Outputs

Installation and Startup GuideRio Rancho, NM17Unused crosspoint columns can be hidden and unhid-den by highlighting a range of Mixes across the top, f

Page 10 - Cabling Of Stacked Units

SPNTWBLECTROSONICS, INC.18Using the LCDThe LCD can be used to check current settings or make adjustments without using a computer interface.Boot Scree

Page 11 - Installer Disk

Installation and Startup GuideRio Rancho, NM19After selecting the mode and/or changing the passcode, select SAVE with the rotary control and press the

Page 12 - Procedure


Page 13 - Update Procedure

SPNTWBLECTROSONICS, INC.20LCD Categories and SettingsINP (Input)• InputLevels• Mic/LineInputSetup• ConferenceInputSetup• TestSigInputSetup

Page 14 - Using the Control Panel

Installation and Startup GuideRio Rancho, NM21Network SetupThe SPNTWB is IP addressable over an ordinary Ether-net network. The use of DHCP to configur

Page 15 - Acoustic Echo Canceller

SPNTWBLECTROSONICS, INC.22Service and RepairIf your system malfunctions, you should attempt to correct or isolate the trouble before concluding that t

Page 16 - The Signal Flow Screen

Installation and Startup GuideRio Rancho, NM23FCC PART 15 COMPLIANCE INFORMATIONThis equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for

Page 17 - Rio Rancho, NM

5 November 2013581 Laser Road NE • Rio Rancho, NM 87124 USA • www.lectrosonics.com(505) 892-4501 • (800) 821-1121 • fax (505) 892-6243 •

Page 18 - Using the LCD

Installation and Startup GuideRio Rancho, NM3This symbol, wherever it appears, alerts you to the presence of uninsulated danger-ous voltage inside the

Page 19 - Master Reset

SPNTWBLECTROSONICS, INC.4IntroductionThe SPNTWB combines the circuit board assemblies from the SPN812 and SPNCWB in a 2RU chassis to provide a complet

Page 20 - Settings

Installation and Startup GuideRio Rancho, NM5Table of ContentsIMPORTANT ...1I

Page 21 - Web Browser Interface

SPNTWBLECTROSONICS, INC.6Headphone MonitorUsed to monitor individual final mix buses as selected on the LCD. Standard 1/4 inch jack and level control.

Page 22 - Service and Repair

Installation and Startup GuideRio Rancho, NM7Rear PanelPower InletThe switching power supply will operate with line volt-ages between 100 and 240 VAC.


SPNTWBLECTROSONICS, INC.8Audio Inputs – UnbalancedUnbalanced audio sources include items such as consumer VCR’s, DVD players, etc., which can be con-n


Installation and Startup GuideRio Rancho, NM9Programmable InputsProgrammable inputs are provided to enable external control over a variety of paramete

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