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Silver Paste on SM Series
Transmitter Thumbscrews
Silver paste is applied to thumbscrew threads on new
units at the factory to improve the electrical connection
from the battery compartment through the housing on
any SM Series transmitter. This applies to the standard
battery door and the battery eliminator.
The small enclosed vial contains a tiny amount (25
mg) of silver conductive paste. A small speck of this
paste will improve the conductivity between the battery
cover plate thumbscrew and the case of the SM.
The tiny vial is about
1/2 inch tall and
contains 25 mg of
silver paste.
With improved conductivity (lower resistance) more of
the battery voltage can get to the internal power sup-
plies causing reduced current drain and longer battery
life. Though the amount seems very small, it is enough
for years of use. It is, in fact, 25 times the amount that
we use on the thumbscrews at the factory.
To apply the silver paste, first completely remove
the cover plate from the SM housing by backing the
thumbscrew completely out of the case. Use a clean,
soft cloth to clean the threads of the thumbscrew.
NOTE: Do NOT use alcohol or a liquid cleaner.
Simply hold the cloth around the threads and turn the
thumbscrew. Move to a new spot on the cloth and do it
again. Do this until the cloth remains clean. Now, clean
the threads in the case by using a dry cotton swab (Q-
tip) or equivalent. Again, clean the case threads until a
fresh cotton swab comes away clean.
Open the vial, and transfer a pinhead speck of silver
paste to the second thread from the end of the thumb-
screw. A easy way to pickup a speck of paste is to
partially unfold a paper clip and use the end of the wire
to acquire a tiny bit of paste. A toothpick will also work.
An amount that covers the end of the wire is sufficient.
Apply paste to second thread
from end of thumbscrew
It is not necessary to spread the paste more than a
little bit on the thread as the paste will spread itself
every time the thumbscrew is screwed in and out of
the case during battery changes.
Do not apply the paste to any other surfaces. The
cover plate itself can be cleaned with a clean cloth by
rubbing the slightly raised rings on the plate where
it contacts the battery terminal. All you want to do is
to remove any oils or dirt on the rings. Do not abrade
these surfaces with a harsh material such as a pen-
cil eraser, emery paper, etc., as this will remove the
conductive nickel plating and expose the underlying
aluminum, which is a poor contact conductor.
20 Dec 2012
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Silver Paste on SM Series Transmitter ThumbscrewsSilver paste is applied to thumbscrew threads on new units at the factory to improve the electrical c

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